Am I a Bespoke Woman?

Hey Queen! First, let me introduce myself! My name Is Andrea Williams, the Founder/CEO and Head Designer of Delicate Kreations LLC. We are a Design House for the Bespoke Woman. Many ask, Why do we currently dedicate our services to Women? Well, as a Minority Women, I have overcome many struggles in life. Main one being my inability to […]

What is My Body type and How to dress for it?

Did you know there are body types and the majority of us fall within that category or a mixture of two! There are 5 Body Types that I will focus on; Pear, Hourglass, Apple, Inverted Triangle, and Rectangle/Slim.  We are so accustomed to looking for our size when shopping. But if you are among many who have a hard […]

The Empowerment Scholarship


Changing Lives by Paving Roads of Opportunities Our community contribution strategy is simple, to give back to those who make our future what is today. In 2020, during the heart of the pandemic we decided to move towards providing resources for the upcoming college students. It is the students who were also severely impacted by […]