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Am I a Bespoke Woman?

Hey Queen!

First, let me introduce myself! My name Is Andrea Williams, the Founder/CEO and Head Designer of Delicate Kreations LLC. We are a Design House for the Bespoke Woman.

Many ask, Why do we currently dedicate our services to Women? Well, as a Minority Women, I have overcome many struggles in life. Main one being my inability to know and walk in my purpose with confidence. That is until I created Delicate Kreations and began the journey of self-healing. Once I saw how this brand was healing other Women, I knew it was bigger than myself. From being mentally abused most of my childhood, bullied in school, and involved in things that was self destructive, I knew something had to change! And then, it did! 


Let’s dig in….. ⛏ 


What is a Bespoke Woman? 

A Bespoke Woman has Exclusive needs and is willing to take control over her life to ensure she receives them. She’s willing to invest in herself, in all areas and understand it’s value.  


Am I a Bespoke Woman? 

If you found yourself here reading this post you may be someone who is in search of a deeper connection with yourself. Or, you are already well on your way and this is the icing on your cake! The fact that you are here indicates that you have qualities of a Bespoke Woman. Are you a Business Owner, Executive Woman, Creative, Unique Fashion Lover, Artist, or just a boss Woman who demands Individuality? If so, we are here for you! If not, but you aspire to be we are here for you as well! 


5 Characteristics of a Bespoke Woman: 

1.) Taking Ownership of Your Destiny!

2.) Has Exclusive needs and willing to invest in them!
3.) Natural Leader.

4.) Have your own Unique Style and want to Showcase it.

5.) Values quality over quantity.  


Do any of these resonate with you? If so, you just may be a Bespoke Woman! Surprisingly there are very few people who are willing to take control over their destiny and invest in themselves. Here at Delicate Kreations we encourage Women to Speak to the YOU within. We believe that every Bespoke Women should have a few custom pieces in their closet. Something to show your fellow Business comrades that you mean business!

The willingness to step into your destiny and take control of your life means you are aware of who you are and what you either want or need to move forward. If this is the case, and you are willing to work for it. then you are well on your way to greatness. With that being said we know that our first line of defense is how we present ourselves to our clientele, colleagues, potential business deals/partner, etc. While I understand Custom Clothing may be an investment it’s well worth it. Just think about how far the garment will take you; how you are walking in designs sculpted for your exact body type and needs.  


We encourage our Bespoke Women to have a few Customized pieces. Whether it be a Custom Dress, Blazer, Pants, or Shirt. Each of these pieces can be styled multiple ways; work attire or a night on the town vibes. You may be someone who just simply loves fashion and expressing yourself boldly, we live for these moments! We want to ensure that you understand there is a deeper purpose. YES, if you look good you feel good. YES, these clothing are everything and more. YES, we want our women to be boss Queens and Bespoke in every way! NO , we don’t just sell clothes and move on to the next. We provide an experience. Bespoke Woman, we are here to learn YOU, your needs, your body type, what makes you feel sexy, confident, and in charge! We are here to empower you to OWN your excellence. To walk into EVERY room like that exactly where you belong. Our design process is structured around your exact needs. ULTIMATELY we want to build a community of Like minded Boss Women who can truly impact each other. Our mission is to ‘Build a road of Empowerment One Stitch at a Time!’ Welcome to the Exclusive, Bespoke Woman 


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Written By: Andrea Williams